Don’t get fooled by my serious look at times. If I don’t smile all the time it means I choose to stay real, genuine, human, and not to fake my mood. I would say that being myself is one of my biggest assets among many others. I promise if you stay long enough to see me smiling, it will make your day. Always be a first-rate version of yourself and not a second-rate version of someone else. I am Rebecca and I hope to see you soon adoring my ass and praising my body. I adore polite people, guys who are kind with words! If you have fantasies you never spoke about with a woman, you might want to consider speaking with me, I have a Non-Discloser Agreement with all my fans, this is more than normal! I will not judge, and when I can not fulfill it then I will tell you in all honesty!

Take my hand, step into my room. All will be perfect, you will love the time we spend together.
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