Hello, I am Mia, I am from the Russian Federation, and I start my day with a bottle of vodka, and make a fresh snow angel in my garden. After my waking-up ritual, I activate my solar panels and wait for the sun to break through the clouds, and then a few minutes later my PC’s starting up, my radar is bleeping, an intruder in my garden? No, just a family of bears walking by. After my cam session, feeling pretty relaxed, I take my ax, smash a few trees down, and heat up my cabin. After standing for 40 minutes in a meditative state in front of the picture of Putin, and saluting him, I will take my bearskins, and warm up the bed throwing some hot coals in there. I hope you understand that I have humor, the rest is about me you can find out for yourself. A little note, beggers are not welcome, however,  you can emigrate to my country and you’ll fit in right away.

Today is a beautiful day, care to make it an amazing day for the both of us?
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