October 2, 2022

Experience Anal Sex

We all love a perfect shaped Ass

We see them everywhere, they parade with them, they show off with them, they even train them in the gym. A sweet nice juicy ass that speaks to the imagination. Ask yourself, how many times are you actually watching a girl on the street and try to figure out how her ass looks like naked, I know I did and I keep on doing. Nothing is more sensual as the movement of an ass in motion. And when the jeans show the shapes that make you wild, you know you have a weakness for a nice ass. At WebcamAsses we are going to focus on beautiful asses and buttocks!

Let’s agree, we want to fuck an ass!

We do not only want to see and admire. We also want to feel it and fuck it, if possible, totally go wild on it. And there is no shame in this, Anal sex is enjoyed and practiced by many people. Straight people love it too, you do not have to be GAY by definition to love it. Even Bisexual people are building their love life around a perfect ass. Having Anal Sex is exciting, and for many a dream. Let’s agree, if your partner is not up for this and she is firm in her beliefs, then do not be an asshole to flip it by accident in the wrong hole. You will only show her how less respect you have for her body and your relationship will come to an end. In this article, we write from the view that your partner is agreed and willing to share this pleasure with you.

What is Anal Sex exactly?

Ask any guy for his definition of Anal Sex and they will all explain it involves stuffing their dick up in a girl her bumhole. Logical, but the answers are different when you ask a girl for this definition. Suddenly Fingering an anus or licking an asshole (rimming) is part of anal sex. Using toys to penetrate your anus is also a very used option, especially when you still need to train your anus and stretch it out a little, and yes, that can fucking hurt! Lesbians perform anal sex by using Dildos and Other Sex Toys, Gay Couples love it too I heard. Anyone you see around you have their own experiences with their most private place, their anus! Before I end this paragraph, it also seems that not all Gay People practice anal sex. So you know!

How do you have Anal Sex?

You have decided that you are comfortable with your anus and you are okay thinking it can be an entrance also, love your life, you are going to enhance your sexual experiences and maybe you’ll discover new emotions or a new sort of orgasm. But for many people it is still a bridge too far, they are hesitant to experiment, maybe their education and family values brought from their childhood have limited their exploration and never experimented with themselves.  Anyways, we have the option to discover this on our own, in the privacy of our bedroom, or if you are lucky, you have a partner and can talk about this. It is important to remain open and honest, not everyone likes it and it is best to know this, and maybe you will end up never having anal sex but your relationship can still be very fulfilling. If you do decide to have anal sex for the first time, prepare yourself. Most of the time having lubricant close to you helps to make the penetration more sensual and easier. Hopefully also less more painful. Penetrating the anus of your partner should be done with care, carefully testing the waters, relaxing your partner, and responding instantly to the responses. If you hear “What The Fuck are you Doing”  then we can be fairly sure you should redo the steps of talking!  If you hear a moaning sound, you are for sure on the right path, but this does not mean you push the rest in there like parking a truck! No No, again, the anus can be destroyed, and this is not fun either. So balance your force, in word and deed.

Some very important tips that you need to know before you start!

  • Anal sex is best when you practice safe sex. Use common sense to ensure a long and happy life!
  • Cum is not a lubricant. Get a decent lubricant, it will enhance your pleasure.
  • Oil-Based Lubricants are a Big No-No – Use Water-based lubricant.
  • Always keep in communication when you have anal sex. Trust and Love are a basic!
  • Never use the same finger for a vagina when it was in touch with the anus. Feces can cause infections!
  • Keep your Condom Fresh! Change it when you have long sex to assure you remain protected!
  • Anal sex should be practiced with care. Be informed about STDs!
  • If it feels right, then you are doing it well!

Enjoy our selection of models that love to practice anal sex, or train their anus under your supervision, these are the ladies that have expressed to feel joy when having anal sex.