Hello, my name is Eva, and I started working from my own home as a live cam girl. I have signed up for this site last year, find my profile here and my cam room link is on there too. Anyways, in the last year I wanted to gather more fans, there are so many prettier girls on the site than I am, so I get it, people love blond, perfectly shapes tits and stuff. But I have something to offer to. I am a special lady, I know how fucked up relations can be, I have been in pain too, I have been cheated on too, and I have been called every name in the book, so no guy has ever won my heart. But in the last months I have opened myself up for emotional connections, this means, I started to feel again! NOw I want to explore this more and more, cause I found out that probably I have had some traumas in love and sex, and now I feel that I am slowly healing thanks to my fans!


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