Hello, I am Betty, my first week on the live cam, and I will do some promotion myself for my room because not many people found me yet. Maybe they are a little afraid cause I am just 20 years, and maybe they think I have no experience.  Well, I might be 20, but I am raised with Pornhub 🙂 I love watching porn movies, I love spreading my legs and masturbate myself to multiple orgasms. I have a few fetish kinks and weird fantasies. From time to time I dress up in a hippie style, wide clothing, easy fitting. Besides this, I also have nice sets of lingerie, this I have to make sure you see every day something new, something different. So, enjoy my pictures, it took me a long time to sort them out cause I am pretty hard on myself. But the ones you see here I made with love.

Just skip the pics, and click here and come to my room.



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