Hello, I am Ana, I am a tiny petite lady, 18 years, and I am still naive in every possible way, so those who want to fool me with Admin Accounts, and have me do an Online Casting or I will be deleted, yeah that was a great joke, thank you for that. The “You received a tip” copy-pasted messages also tricked me quite a lot, thank you guys for spoiling a large part of my week, and fooling me like the stupid girl I am.  Being here now for a few weeks, having to face all the beggars, scammers, and people who trick me. I feel welcome, I feel like at home 🙂 So, if you are a nice guy and want to have a nice time with me, maybe you better not, cause people are having so much fun fooling me in free chat…. or… maybe if you are the type Of guy I dream about, you just hit my private button and rescue me from these idiots.

Today is a beautiful day, care to make it an amazing day for the both of us?
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