Hi there, I am Amelia and I am 19 years and still a student, paying for my own life, my own school, and living. This is why I am so happy that my fans have supported me in these troubled times. Working as a webcam girl is not work for me, it is more a hobby, more a fantasy that hungry eyes are watching me but they are on a safe distance. Once I got more used to the feeling of being loves by so many I started to feel emotional connections with my fans. They are close to my heart, I care for their emotions and feelings, and I am very sure this is what they have missed out on for many years. Especially cause I know that women are mean bitches and just use their male partners to remain safe in a financial way. I am the girl for you that is not judging you, and I will take you into my heart!

Come to my room and take a chance on me.




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