Hi, I am Alis, and I am very new to this website. Like 1 week or so. I am a tall girl, with a fisty mind and a matching body. I am naughty, and this is something I have always encountered when I am hanging around guys. I like to make provocative jokes and make the guys know I am not afraid for them! I have a decent education, and I am able to talk about a lot of topics. When I am in my room, I am dressed to get undressed. I never say NO halfway through the show!  I am fascinated by older guys, they make me wet.  Young guys are nice only when they use nice words, but I not seen this happen yet, I think the younger generation thinks me being here is normal, maybe they lost touch with romance, but I am here to wake that up!

Let's have some fun, why not? I am here for the same reasons as you are.
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