As an athlete, I am known to take challenges easily. I am curious and I have a taste for the dangerous and unknown but do not expect me to step into some stranger his car, I am not naive. I mean the sensual part of sex life, the teasing, the pleasing, the emotional connection, the idea that you and I both feel each other even when we are not talking or together in my room. I mean that energy you feel when you know you are loved and appreciated and admired and wanted by so many. The loneliness can kill a person, slowly step by step and I will not allow that to happen with you. However the choice is yours, I can not force you to come to me, you have to do a few clicks to be with me. But I will make sure that your time is worth it. If you feel that you want to be with me, right here right now, then come to my room!

I am right here, bookmark my room, keep me close to your heart!


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