October 2, 2022

About Web Cam Asses

Welcome at Web Cam Asses

WebCam Asses is playing it cool. We love the hottest part of a woman’s body, her ass. Forget about those titties and whatever things they show off with. We just love the ass and that is about it. This site is maintained by a Team of Asses, they are sniffing online for the hottest babes and give a rating to their ass, everything under the 4.8 is rejected, cause the world is already full with ugly asses. We want the symmetric perfect behinds, we want to see them shaped as they come out of the Gym. If a girl is not showing off with her ass she will never be placed here. 100’s of potential asses are being sent to our email every week, and nothing impresses us, but we are not an asshole, so we do pick the ones that are closest to our imagination of a “Perfect Webcam Ass”.

We are Free!

Visit these cam rooms, they are free. When you move your ass inside, you will notice that free ass ehhh access means a limitation. You can chat, but not request anything sexually. You also are just a number and not a name. That’s so … not cool! In 3 minutes we have this fixed, you only have to press the ” Join for free” button that you can find easy on her cam room page. When you did (confirm your email) you can return to her room with a personal name. Just make a nice name, like Asslover69 or something, anyway, you get the idea.

Always come back!

Come back often to your favorite ass online. When you create a relationship online you will notice that your return visit is more appreciated, and has more meaning. You almost feel like you get to know the model better. And be nice to her in this process, anyone can be an asshole but it takes a little charm to turn the tie. Try it yourself, and you will see that it is very common to chat in private with a girl that starts undressing cause your words made her wet.